We plan to renovate the Center Theatre and an adjacent building to serve as a multi-use performing arts center.  The restoration of this historic theatre will provide a venue for local and regional performing art groups.  The Center Theatre will also provide a stage to present national touring acts which will draw patrons from all of Union County and beyond.

The frequent influx of Center Theatre patrons will fill restaurants and retail shops with new customers, providing a catalyst to accelerate investment and growth in Downtown Monroe.

As Chairman of the Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce, I visited almost every
city and town in the state. There is a visible difference in places with an active
cultural community. I see people looking for places to park, stores staying open
late, and restaurants packed with customers. The business day is extended
and the cash registers are ringing.

-Ken Fergeson
Chairman and CEO, NBanC
Past President, American Bankers Association

Nathan Hopper and David English serve as President and Vice President for the Center Theatre Development group’s 10-person Board of Directors.  The group received 501(c)(3) non-profit status in March 2015, and has negotiated a 10-year renewable lease with the City of Monroe for the Center Theatre property.

The Center Theatre Development group will pursue grants and non-public funding to transform the Center Theatre into a multi-use performing arts center which will invigorate growth and renovation in historic Downtown Monroe.